“My Reflective Lens” is a collaborative project that explores self-portraiture through monthly themes.

The contributing artists are:
Heather Earle | www.heatherearle.com

I started into the art of photography almost 4 years ago. Generally speaking I am not an artistic person and yet somehow I am able to creatively express myself through my photography. I limit my work to the people and things that are most important to me. I have joined this project as a means to get in front of the camera more so that I too am part of the special memories I document.

Ginger Willard | www.gwstudios.net

Stacie Ann Smith | www.stacieannsmith.com
“I began photographing myself a little over a year ago. I began simply because there wasn’t any other adult female in my life that I could pull into a photo at a whim. Then I realized just how much I could get out of photographing me, on the inside- the weird things I do or think or even that song I connect with have all nudged my self portraits.”

Tracy Sutherland

Christina Guzman

Jessica Brandau | www.foreverdearphoto.com
Mama to 5 littles. Seeker of a simpler and healthier life. Sunshine Chaser. Hippie at heart.
Hoping to keep finding little pieces of myself, one frame at a time.

Efi Panagoula
“Photography has been one of the most precious blessings in my life. It came in a hard time when i had to decide whether to live my life in comfort zones or to take that next step and move on. Photography has literally saved my life and showed me who i really was, who and what i want to achieve in this life. It is my companion, my friend, my mirror.”

Sharon Covert
“I’m Sharon Covert, A Photographer, Artist, Musician and mother of two. Over the last couple of years I began exploring self portraits as a way of healing and acceptance. When I was asked to join this self portrait project I knew it would be a way to challenge myself and delve deeper into my self portraits. I find myself drawn to flaws in photography such as blur and grain. Through the use of deep shadows and light in my black and white images I am able to convey a variety of emotions. My art is very deep and personal to me. Many of my self portraits have a message within them. My hope is that the viewer can connect to each image emotionally. Perhaps they will be reminded of something deep within themselves. I believe we all have something we keep in waiting to be released. This is my release.”

Vanessa Simpson | www.focusinphotography.com
Vanessa is on a mission to find the light and beauty in the world on a daily basis. She is chaser of light and catcher of moments: a wedding, family, and environmental portrait photographer who also loves to teach and practice yoga. She was born and raised in the Great Basin, but now lives with her sweet family in the Pacific Northwest.

Conrad Young | www.Conradfilm.com
Conrad has been shooting x-ray film with his vintage 4×5″ land camera, he photographs surfers while in the water and will soon begin a journey in wet plate collodion emulsion. Conrad isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of his craft. Now begins his journey of self portraiture.


Phyllis Meredith | www.phyllismeredith.com

Hi, I am Phyllis Meredith. I have loved photography since I made a pin hole camera at sleep away camp when I was 10. We each were able to make two images. We processed them ourselves, I still have those two blurry images of ferns today. They remind me of the joy and wonder that happens each and every time a photograph emerges out of the chemical bath in the dark room. For that reason I still love to shoot with film, but I work in both digital and film.
My favorite thing is water, I love water in all forms! Tea to hot springs to the pull of a waterfall, I would love to spend the rest of my life photographing in and around water.
I love to sing and dance.
I am a quiet and sometimes melancholic introvert.
I am hyper sensitive and drawn to escapism and all the ups and downs that may bring to life.
I have struggled with eating disorders for almost my whole life.
I attended Mass College Of Art and graduated (1994) from the Performance Art Department, SIM.  While there I was an exhibitionist, but that time was long ago.  It now seems very difficult to bare myself in front of the lens. But as this is something I ask of my family and especially my daughter on a regular basis, I want to try to step out from behind the camera.

Jennifer Copozzola | www.jenphotos.com

Self portraits are my way of accessing my own secrets, fears, joys, preoccupations. Pieces of me I wouldn’t usually share with the world but in ways that still feel safe since they are often abstractions.


Kerry Varnum | www.kerryvarnumphotography.com

 Kerry lives in Southern New Hampshire with her hubby and 4 kiddos. She picks up her camera every day to document her life with her family. She’s inspired by the stories they tell, their antics and the mundaneness of every day life. She craves to document that in the most creative and beautiful way possible.
Meredith Hepburn | Framing Sunshine
I believe that with the camera you can capture the beautiful details of life that are often overlooked. I have always loved photography but my interest grew as I struggled to find a photographer that could capture my children’s true personalities. While studying photography for this purpose I realized that it was a much needed creative outlet for me. I began to explore photography in other genre’s including landscape and macro.  Self-portraiture is a new genre and challenge for me. In taking it on, I hope to overcome my fear of being in front of the camera so that I can help others feel more comfortable there.
I am a photographer and mother, living in the suburbs of London, found mostly with my head in the clouds.
Taking self-portraits is new to me as is being in front of the camera. I hope to push myself outside of the comfortable, have an excuse to “play” and explore something new.

Sonia Epple / www.soniaepplefotografie.com

I am a photographer and mom of 3, I love music, art, traveling and colorful interesting life stories. I recently started to make self portraits, bc I found it was a way to express my feelings and find healing and understanding in it. It actually helps me understand myself and it is an awesome creative outlet. So happy to be able to join this group and push my creativity further!
nicola berry_bio
I have called London, San Francisco, Paris and Hong Kong home over the past fifteen years. During that time, my camera has been my anchor, always there to help me record the extraordinary places and ordinary moments that my family experiences. But, I hide behind the camera, too self-conscious to do what I ask of others. This year I will change that.

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